Battle analysis

Battle Analysis is a research tool to analyze historical conflicts

These simulations are wargames in which the tactics and variables are modified to observe the different outcomes.


Wargames are based upon real events. They attempt to represent a reasonable approximation of the actual forces, terrain, and other material factors faced by the actual participants. The web browser is an excellent platform to simulate a wargame and analyze the principles of war.


The principles of War: Carl von Clausewitz

P = N * Q * V
N represents the number of troops in the force, which are the counters.
Q is the fighting quality of the troops, which is the attacking and defending strength values.
V is the variable factors reflecting the combat circumstances, such as the terrain effects.
Force (N * Q) counters to represent the force size (N) and the unit's stength (Q).
Terrain (V) affects the unit's movement (TEM) and it's combat effectiveness (TEC) (V).