Battle analysis


Terrain types are identified as filling the whole hexagon ( like a forest, rough, town )
or applying just to the hexagon side ( like a road, river ).

Notice that the terrain types, such as rough, forest and town are displayed as the mouse enters the hexagon.

Terrain types, such as road and river are displayed as the mouse enters a hexside. Hexside terrain types such as a river only have hexside data points.

Hexside terrain types such as a road also include a hexagon center data point where the 2 hexsides are connected.

Terrain types are stored in a database using a the 'grid point' coordinate (x,y). For hexagon terrain types, the 'grid point' is the same as the 'hexagon point'.

Note: the hexagon name is not a coordinate. This is a common mistake. The hexagon name is calculated from the hexagon 'grid point' coordinate. This coordinate system is a cartesian coordinate system from analytic geometry. The y-axis is scaled by a factor of √3.

Battlefield maps are images draw from graphic images editors. They can also be created from the terrain data using SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics.