Battle Analysis: Hexagon Library


The Hexagon Map has a Hexagon Grid cartesian coordinate system that is used for hexagon math.

Scale the coordinates on the map by a factor of
   1/4 the hexagon height and 1/2 the hexagon columnwidth.

  Note: the y-axis is on a √3 scale with the x-axis.

The distance on the x-axis to the next hexagon is 2 units. The distance on the y-axis is 4 units.

Note: the coordinates do not match the hexagon name.

The Hexagon Name is a label and not a coordinate. It is calculated.

The Hexagon Grid coordinates are used for wargame calculations:

Note: since the hexagon grid is a cartesian coordinate system, all the Math from Analytic Geometry and trigonometry can be used for range, bearing, line of sight calculations.

Hexagon Library: The 6 hexagon library calculators:

  1. Hexagon Grid Calculator
  2. Hexagon Map Calculator
  3. Hexagon Name Calculator
  4. Line of Sight Algorithm
  5. Line of Communications Calculator
  6. A* pathfinding